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The Crusoes of the Frozen North als eBook Downl...
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The Crusoes of the Frozen North: Gordon Stables

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Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Tec...
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For a food product to be a success in the marketplace it must be stable throughout its shelf-life. Quality deterioration due to chemical changes and alterations in condition due to physical instability are not always recognised, yet can be just as problematic as microbial spoilage. This book provides an authoritative review of key topics in this area. Chapters in part one focus on the chemical reactions which can negatively affect food quality, such as oxidative rancidity, and their measurement. Part two reviews quality deterioration associated with physical changes, such as moisture loss, gain and migration, crystallization and emulsion breakdown. Contributions in the following section outline the likely effects on different foods and beverages, including bakery products, fruit and vegetables, ready-to-eat meals and wine. With contributions from leaders in their fields, Chemical deterioration and physical instability of food and beverages is an essential reference for R&D and QA staff in the food industry and researchers with an interested in this subject. * Examines chemical reactions which can negatively affect food quality and measurement* Reviews quality deterioration associated with physical changes such as moisture loss, gain and migration, and crystallization* Documents deterioration in specific food and beverage products including bakery products, frozen foods and wine

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Death as a Last Resort , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 5...
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It is January 1961 and Margaret Spencer and Nat Southby are relaxing on a ski holiday when their vacation takes a bone-chilling turn. While cross-country skiing the couple comes across the frozen body of Maurice Dubois, a man who went missing from a fishing resort the month before. When Maurice´s wife is also found murdered, the two Vancouver detectives are hired by the victims´ children to investigate. An energetic hunt begins, as Maggie and Nat find themselves involved in clandestine visits to a clothing factory on East Hastings Street, encounters at horse-breeding stables in Langley, a car chase to Lulu Island and eventually a pilgrimage to the fishing resort at St. Clare’s Cove in Pender Harbour. In Death As a Last Resort, the fourth book in the popular Margaret Spencer Mystery series, our favorite Vancouver female sleuth Maggie Spencer and her partner Nat Southby continue their escapades as they track down the unlawful and dangerous. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Cynthia Barrett. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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